University of Richmond Fundraiser for Puerto Rican Artists

I am so honored to be participating in the upcoming Fundraising Event for Puerto Rico, Pa'Lante. It has been a privilege to work with such a dedicated and brilliant team of professors in putting this together.  I am particularly excited to be showing my fine art work along the wonderful Steven Casanova.  

Please stop by and if you can make a donation to the Artist Rescue Project.  Check out more information here.

To view more of my fine art work visit:

 From the series  Clavel del Aire

From the series Clavel del Aire

GreenSpring International Academy of Music - Photography and Design

I had a crazy busy February and March working on this amazing project.  We had four shoot dates, multiple design rounds and wonderful launch.  It was a creative joy to work with the amazing team of Lynnelle Ediger, Elizabeth Smartt, Rachael Everett, Julian Pozzi, Brian Gibson and many others to bring this baby to life.  

It was a great experience to collaborate with so many talented young musicians and committed educators.  I wish the rebranded GreenSpring International Academy of Music great success in it's new phase.

Will post more images soon.  In the meantime check out


Permanent Film | Premiers in Richmond, VA

Can't begin to say how grateful I am to have been part of the crew of Permanent, a hilarious and touching film by Colette Burson (creator of HBO's Hung). 

Rainn Wilson (The Office), Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) and Kira McLean are the leads roles.  It was a privilege to collaborate with such amazing and funny cast and crew. 

Check out the trailer here: